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50th Birthday of the Faire
50th Birthday of the Faire

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A Toast! To all Faire Queens past and present who have enlivened the hearts of their people. Fond and loving thoughts to all other Queens of the Shire who have led the way, such as Mildred Holland (Mistress of the Tolls), Constance Spreistersbach (Dancer and Artist), Amie Hill (Mistress of Revels), Rosie Echelmeier (Rosie’s Posies), Suzy Cooksey (Fruit Ices), Carol La Fleur (Entertainment Dir.), Marilyn Manolio & Judy Drury (Crafts Coordinators), Annie Lore (minstrel & actress), and those passed… Doris Karnes (Faire Designer), Galina Kauffman (Piroshki), Joan Cook (Roast Beef Inn), Carolee Tarble (Costumer)…and so many others!

Queens of Pleasure

Queens of the Heart

From the first year in 1963 to the present, the phenomenon of the Faire has been to illuminate our hearts' desire to learn, to laugh, to craft, to dance, to live artfully & to play our parts heartily – Kevin Patterson

Huzzah to You!

Yours in Revelry Forever,
The Patterson Family (Phyllis, Kevin, Brian, Leslie, Andrew & Michael)

First Faire Flyer by Ron Patterson

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