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2012 brought into being two excellent books about the Renaissance Faire.

Well Met: Renaissance Faires and the American Counterculture

Well Metby Rachel Lee Rubin
Published Nov. 19 , 2012 byNYU Press

“In its first decade, the Renaissance Faire unleashed a multi-colored sub-culture in direct revolt against the monochrome of postwar America. It was a home-grown explosion of fancy dress, Shakespearian improv, hand-made objects both useful and ornamental, and music ancient and obscure, much of it heard for the first time in the dusty lanes of the Faire. Rachel Rubin deftly reveals the impact the Faire has had on style, craft, performance, and pop culture over the past fifty years in a one-of-a-kind study that begins in the left-wing lanes of Laurel Canyon, continues through backstage conflicts and couplings, and concludes with the corporatized, commercialized Festivals and geeky Ren-fandom of today. Well Met is a must-read to revel in the true roots of ‘Sixties’ culture. I know. I was there.” - David Ossman, member of the Firesign Theatre


The Original Renaissance Pleasure Faire
Commemorative 50th Jubilee Book

Renaissance Faire 50th Jubilee Bookby Roxanne Browder Dungereaux
with a foreword by Kevin Patterson
To order, please email the author at roxanne.dungereaux@gmail.com

"The Renaissance Pleasure Faire is so much more than a theatrical event.  It is so much more than dressing up in historical costumes and acting.  It is, as Phyllis taught in her class,  a life changing experience.  In her class she relayed her reasoning for the purpose of the faire.  She felt deeply the importance of reconnecting with a time when we were attached to the earth, and the wheel of the calendar year, the cycle of birth, death and rebirth.  She stressed the need for celebration with euphoria, sorely lacking in our modern world and explained the importance of  experiencing ecstasy, 'to stand outside the ordinary self,'  through the creation of living art.  The people who have participated over the years in the Original Renaissance Pleasure Faire have been blessed with this unique experience, deeply binding us to each other, and to our ancestors.  It is our ambition to have passed this on to the millions of visitors that have entered our gates.  Every speech by an actor on the stage , every pot vase thrown by a potter, every stitch of every handmade costume is infused with love and enthusiasm which beckons our guest to accompany us."
- Roxanne Browder Dungereaux, Author

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