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50th Birthday of the Faire
50th Birthday of the Faire

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Faire Archives

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Stay tuned as this website launches new galleries and features! These will include:

  • Ron & Phyllis pre-Renaissance Faire artwork, events, productions and workshops
  • The 1960s Renaissance Pleasure Faires
  • The Golden Age of the Golden Age: The 1970s and '80s Renaissance Pleasure Faires
  • Blackpoint Forest: From Hay Farm to Faire Farewell, 30 years of authentic pleasure.
  • Legends of the California Renaissance: The art and artfulness of the early creative community who made the "Faire" their life.

This site will be curated and art-directed by the Patterson family, consistent with the style and feel of the early Faires as designed by Ronald & Phyllis Patterson. Anyone wishing to contribute photos or other archival materials should email kevin@redbarnproductions.com.

The Patterson Family Archives
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