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50th Birthday of the Faire
50th Birthday of the Faire

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Fairehistory.org, home of the Patterson Family Archive

As it evolves, this website will provide access to an extensive collection of photos, videos, graphic arts, and writings from the personal collections of Ron & Phyllis Patterson, originators of the Renaissance Fair concept in America, the one and only Great Dickens Christmas Fair in San Francisco, and numerous other groundbreaking and inspired celebrations of history, theatre, art and the creative spirit.

We invite you to join the dance, by adding your email to our contact list. We promise to keep you informed as this website launches its galleries and features. These will include:

  • Ron & Phyllis pre-Renaissance Faire "originals": artwork, events, productions and workshops
  • Faire Beginnings: The 1960s Renaissance Pleasure Faires
  • The Golden Age of the Golden Age: The 1970s and '80s Renaissance Pleasure Faires
  • Blackpoint Forest: From Hay Farm to Faire Farewell, 30 years of authentic pleasure.
  • Pleasure Meadow: The Agoura Paramount Ranch - the history of Brigadoon
  • Legends of the California Renaissance: The art and artfulness of the early creative community who made the "Faire" their life.

This site will be curated and art-directed by the Patterson family, consistent with the style and feel of the early Faires as designed by Ronald & Phyllis Patterson. Anyone wishing to contribute photos or other archival materials should email kevin@redbarnproductions.com.

This site does not represent, nor is it affiliated with, any Renaissance Faire or Festivals currently in production. It is intended as a free resource for our "Faire family" and the community of people who hold a place in their hearts for the smell of oak, bay and Faire dust.

~ Kevin Patterson
   Executive Director
   Patterson Family Archives
   Red Barn Productions

Ram and Goblet

Where Commerce is King,
but Revelry rules the Day!

The Ram & Goblet logo, designed by Ron Patterson in the early 1960s, symbolizes revelry and commerce. Much more on the origins and meaning behind the designs and philosophy of the early Faires to come...!

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